Who’s there?
The Funny Bone Zone –
Exploring What Makes Us Laugh

Why The Funny Bone Zone?

Because we ALL could use a good laugh these days.

Laughter is truly good for the soul.

So, we’re going to cram as many laughs into one week as humanly possible!
This summer, ANY kind of laugh is welcome: belly laughs, maniacal laughs, silent laughs, hysterical laughter, chuckles, giggles, cackles, chortles, snorts, brays, horselaughs, snickers, titters, guffaws, howls, roars, gales/shrieks/sputtering bursts of laughter and yucks.

WE’RE NOT PROUD – we even welcome groans, smirks, eye rolls, canned laughs, face palms, nervous laughs and courtesy laughs!

Learning more about the world of comedy teaches campers to…
  • Build confidence
  • Laugh with gusto
  • Connect with others
  • Be more spontaneous
  • Grow their vocabulary
  • Uplift and entertain people
  • Be comfortable being weird
  • Not take themselves too seriously
  • Express their own view of the world
  • Strengthen their mental and physical health

They MIGHT even become slightly more pleasant quarantine mates!
No audition is required.
This is NOT a theatre camp or stand-up comedy class (although we sneak a bit of both in there). It’s a place to crack jokes, take a walk on the silly side and have LOTS of laughs – we believe anyone can do this!

To keep things lively, each day’s schedule is jam-packed with 5 to 6 projects.

Throughout the week, we’ll have fun by…
  • Working on our…TIMING!
  • Hunting Hilarious Homophones
  • Creating gut-busting comedy songs
  • Clowning around with Commedia Masks
  • Drawing up the Camp WOW Comic Book
  • Jostling our funny bones with physical comedy
  • Understanding Joke-itecture – the structure of comedy
  • Being funny without saying a word – American Sign Language
  • LOL-ing at clips from the Laughing Library – from Charlie Chaplin to Melissa McCarthy
Let’s explore the world of laughter – where every day we’ll discover what tickles your funny bone!

Prior to the start of camp, you’ll receive a Camp WOW Adventure Kit containing all special items required for our exciting activities. Families will only need to gather a few common household objects to add to the kit. The list of needed objects will be provided after a camper registers.

Camp begins every day at 9:00 am and finishes every day at 3:00 pm. Camp closes daily at 12:00 for a 40-minute lunch break. Snacks are provided by Camp WOW. You provide lunch for your camper.

The Funny Bone Zone sessions take place the weeks of July 13thth , July 27th & August 10th

The cost of attendance is $450 per camper. The ratio of counselor to camper is 1 to 4 or better.

If you have more questions about this fun-filled camp, please check out our FAQ page.