Q: Who’s the ideal WOW Camper?
A: Kids in 3rd through 6th grade who can:
  • Get/pour water unsupervised
  • Read simple labels and directions
  • Mix pre-measured ingredients together
  • Use writing/art materials - paint, clay, glue
  • Work cooperatively on a 3rd-6th grade level
  • Clean dishes and other art/science equipment
  • Turn their computer on and connect via Zoom
Questions about the skill level required to participate in our camps? Contact Camp Director Diane Ventura ( prior to enrollment.

Q: What’s the cost?
A: Each week-long camp costs $450 per child. Each sibling enrolled in the same week/session will be eligible for a 15% discount and, to keep things harmonious, we recommend that each sibling have their own computer. Campers enrolling in multiple WOW Camps will receive a 15% discount on the 2nd and any subsequent sessions. To enroll your child in Camp WOW, go to Registration

Q: Why the heck does it cost $450 to attend Camp WOW?
A: It’s simple. More counselors per camper. A traditional camp might assign 1 counselor to wrangle up to 25 campers. Have you ever tried to Zoom with 25 people? It’s like trying to herd cats! To ensure all campers have a fun, exciting and engaging experience, our counselor to camper ratio is 1-4 or better. We want each camper to have their counselor’s attention and the opportunity to participate freely.

Q: What about all that screen time?
A: Camp WOW’s goal is to reduce screen fatigue. Campers are “creatively connected” (without passively staring at the screen) for at least 75% the camp day – actively listening while they work with their hands, bodies and imaginations.

Q: Who’s behind WOW Camp?
A: We’re Teachers On Reserve (TOR). We’ve been around since 1987 - providing California’s Private, Independent and Charter Schools with skilled substitute and permanent teachers. We’ve got…
  • Teachers trained specifically for online learning and maximum fun
  • The trust of private, independent and charter schools throughout California
  • Years of experience designing and running a variety of successful summer camps
  • Teachers with multiple skillsets and flexible, can-do attitudes who thrive in new learning environments
As EVERYONE adjusts to the new normal, we believe we’re uniquely prepared to step in and substitute the Camp WOW experience for the traditional summer camp.

Q: Is the camp a live video stream or is it pre-recorded?
A: Camp WOW is a password-protected live-streaming camp via Zoom.

Q: Who will be working with my child during the camp session?
A: Each camp is led by two energetic head counselors (adult teachers with years of classroom experience) and one junior counselor (talented high school and college students) skilled in areas like coding, art, and sports. We will also welcome special guests (experts in the fields of arts and sciences) to keep our campers excited about coming back each day. We limit the size of each camp group, so the counselor/camper ratio will always be 1 to 4 or less.

Q: What is the amount of time a camper will sit in front of a screen?
A: 75% or more of our hands-on, imaginative projects do NOT require kids to be glued to the computer screen – but to listen to instruction while moving and working.

Q: How long is a camp session?
A: Each session is one week long. Camps meet every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm except for a 40-minute midday lunch break. Activities average about 35 minutes and there are zany physical movement breaks between each.

Q: What does my child need to attend Camp WOW?
A: Each Camper must have:
  • Reliable internet access
  • A dedicated computer or tablet with speaker/microphone
  • Headphones with a microphone are optional but extremely helpful
  • Space to participate in activities – room to lie down, jump, roll and move around freely
  • A dedicated work table/desk to use & store camp materials overnight (might get a little messy at times)

Q: Will campers receive materials to use during camp?
A: Yes. Camp WOW Adventure Kits arrive in advance with all special materials needed for the week. You’ll only need to provide common household items like a mixing bowl, measuring cups and tap water.

Q: When will my kit arrive?
A: Kits will be mailed to ensure arrival the week prior to your camp start date. Campers should not use kit materials for any other purpose until after camp is completed.

Q: Do campers do the same activity every day?
A: No way! Each day is full of new and exciting activities. However, some activities are multi-day projects and campers add a little more to them each day until they are completed.

Q: Are campers required to work on projects outside of camp hours?
A: Nope. All activities are worked on during camp hours. We have suggestions for family activities to enjoy together outside camp hours that are optional.

Q: Will campers participate in any activities that could damage a computer?
A: Hey, if you’ve got kids, you know that they might break ANYTHING! However, we’d never steer them in that direction intentionally. We advise you to set up your workspace so that your child can participate in possibly messy activities while keeping your computer safe. For instance, if a camper is using a tablet, a reliable holder (or case with a built-in stand) can help keep it out of harm’s way.

Q: What type of technology will we need to access the camp? Will a smartphone work?
A: While a smartphone could work, we do not advise using it for WOW camps. We want campers to see their counselors and campmates easily. To avoid frustration, use a tablet, laptop or desktop that connects to the internet.

Q: Is the video platform secure?
A: Every video platform is constantly evolving and Zoom has made great strides in ensuring participant security. Hosts (Camp WOW Counselors) are trained in best practices to maximize security in a virtual group setting. Camp sessions will be host-controlled, host-patrolled, password-protected, chat- and screen-share-monitored. We use randomly generated meeting IDs and no one can get past our waiting room unless we recognize them.

Q: Will campers need headphones, webcam or microphone?
A: Campers will need to see & hear and be seen & heard. A built-in or add-on camera/microphone will work just fine. Headphones with a built-in microphone could be very helpful but it depends on your child.

Q: Does the parent get to meet the camper’s counselor?
A: A few days prior to the beginning of camp, we’ll hold a Getting to Know You/Parent Orientation session. During this session, you and your child will get to meet your Counselors and test your internet connections.

Q: Once registered, what materials will I receive from Camp WOW?
A: Camp WOW provides each camper’s family with:
  • A Camp WOW Adventure Kit
  • A Camper’s Handbook with the daily camp schedule
  • A Technology Sheet with everything you need to know to connect successfully
  • Contact info and a bio for each counselor and Camp Administrators
  • And…AFTER camp starts:
    • Daily progress reports
    • An invitation to our camp finale

Q: Will there be daily communication with parents?
A: Yes. At the end of each camp day, a counselor will provide a summary of the day’s events.

Q: How much will I have to be involved in preparation for each day?
A: Not much! Activities for each day are planned and simple prep instructions will be included in your WOW Handbook. It will be helpful for you to teach your child how to log into Zoom and open the day’s packet from their WOW Adventure Kit, so they can be as self-sufficient as possible.

Q: Will parents have to be present and actively involved during the camp session?
A: While we’re keeping your kids busy from 9 am to 3 pm each camp day (except for the 40-minute lunch period) a parent or a trusted adult still needs to be present in the home. Parents are always welcome to join in but, unless your child needs special assistance, there should be no need for you to be in the same room for every minute of camp activity.

Q: What if a camper becomes disconnected, walks away from the screen or is injured?
A: We’ll keep parents/guardian contact info close at hand so we can communicate if anything unexpected happens.

Q: What is Camp WOW’s Cancellation and refund polices?
A: At Camp WOW, we understand that your family schedule can be tricky. We’ll be as flexible as possible in accommodating unavoidable schedule shifts, but we can’t guarantee anything beyond the policies below.

Cancellation requests 14 days or more prior to camp start will receive a refund minus a 20% admin fee. Requests must be submitted in writing to Camp WOW Director Diane Ventura ( To provide the highest quality program, we hire and train our counselors (in advance) based on confirmed reservations. Cancellations made AFTER the 14-day deadline (or for new registrations made and canceled within the 14-Day limit) no refunds will be issued.
  • No-shows are not entitled to a refund.
  • If your child leaves camp early for any reason, no refund will be issued.
  • Camp prices are not pro-rated, refunded or credited for missed days or illness.
  • Please do not ask us to make an exception for you.

Campers leaving camp due to health-related issues will not receive a refund. After supplying us with a doctor’s note, we will attempt to place that camper in a different week if space is available within the 2020 season.

Each camper is expected to follow the direction of the camp staff. We sincerely hope that we’ll never need to ask a camper to leave camp. Every effort will be made to help each camper comply with all camp guidelines/policies and to practice cooperative, courteous, and polite behavior. If a disruptive camper is unwilling or unable to comply, he or she will be asked to leave, and no refund will be provided. If you have any questions about these Camp WOW policies, please ask your questions BEFORE enrolling your child.

All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to Diane Ventura at

Q: What type of payment does Camp WOW accept?
A: Camp WOW uses PayPal to process all payments. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account – you just need a valid credit card.