What Would Scooby Do? -
The Wisdom of Scooby Doo

Why Scooby Doo?

While brainstorming themes for this year’s camp, one teammate said, “Everything worth knowing I learned from watching Scooby Doo.”
We all cracked up…but then we thought a bit.

We all agreed Scooby Doo teaches that:
  • Teamwork wins
  • Snacks are awesome
  • Clues are everywhere
  • Friends deserve loyalty
  • A little spooky can be fun
  • The world is full of mysteries
  • There’s no such thing as monsters
  • You can be brave even if you’re scared
  • Everyone’s got something to contribute
  • Don’t believe every story that’s handed to you
So, we ran with the idea like Shaggy and Scooby running through a haunted house! Nope, we WON’T be watching cartoons all day – this camp is INSPIRED by the fun-loving spirit of Scooby Doo’s adventures.

To keep things lively, each day’s schedule is jam-packed with 5 to 6 projects.

Throughout the week, we’ll have fun by…
  • Exploring forensic science
  • Building fantastical monsters
  • Creating new detective games
  • Learning the value of teamwork
  • Getting creative with snack time
  • Sharpening powers of observation
  • Collaborating on Shaggy Dog stories
  • Hanging out with new camp buddies
  • Rattling our bones with physical movement
  • Concocting Spooky Studio stop motion videos
  • Communicating in code with American Sign Language
Prior to the start of camp, you’ll receive a Camp WOW Adventure Kit containing all special items required for our exciting activities. You’ll need to gather a few common household objects to add to the kit – but don’t worry, you shouldn’t need to go shopping. The list of needed objects is provided after you register.

Camp begins every day at 9:00 am and finishes every day at 3:00 pm. Camp closes daily at 12:00 for a 40-minute lunch break. Snacks are provided by Camp WOW. Lunch is provided by you.

What Would Scooby Do? sessions take place the weeks of July 6th, July 20th & August 3rd.

The cost of attendance is $450 per camper. The ratio of counselors to campers is 1 to 4 or better.

If you have more questions about this fun-filled camp, please check out our FAQ page.