Dreading a summer at home without summer camp?

Exhausted by your new job as teacher, lunch lady AND quarantine cruise director?

Are your kids looking for new creative adventures and time with other kids?


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Logo online outside-the-box summer camp!

At Camp WOW, kids get a break from schoolwork…and parents get a break from kids.

How you spend your “parent break” is up to you –
Working from home?
Relaxing in the tub?
Crying in the closet?
No judgement here…
you do YOU!
Someone will still need to be home with your kids (and feed them lunch) but you can rely on us to keep them busy from 9am to 3pm.

Camp WOW is NOT summer school (even though we’ll sneak some learning in there). It’s about having stimulating, multi-sensory WACKY FUN! Our camps will be hosted online but are actually designed to reduce screen dependency.

We can ALL agree on this: too much screen time is bad for kids. At Camp WOW we use zoom to connect campers with counselors, but the majority of our hands-on, imaginative projects do not require kids to be glued to the computer screen.
Camp WOW activities keep young minds and bodies moving and allow much-needed social interaction between campers. Throughout the day, campers work together in different groups, forming new partnerships and friendships.

Each WOW camp has a fun healthy mix of movement, the arts, science and language arts.

We’ve got loads of fun activities lined up like:
  • Creative Snacking
  • IMPROV-ing Yourself
  • Stop Motion Storytelling
  • Solving Forensic Mysteries
  • Side-splitting comedy songs
  • Abracadabra - they’re gone?
  • Drawing up the Camp WOW Comic Book
  • And so much more!

WOW’s dynamic counselors stay connected with your child online each weekday from 9 am to 3 pm, except during lunch. Activities average about 35 minutes and there are zany physical movement breaks between each. Some projects are finished within the day and some take a few days to complete.

WOW staff does everything humanly possible to keep your child entertained and occupied. Please note, however, that Camp WOW cannot be a substitute for adult supervision in your home. Camp takes a 40-minute lunch break from noon to 12:40 pm daily.


Choose one camp or both!

The Wisdom of Scooby Doo.


Exploring What Makes Us Laugh

Each camp is led by two energetic head counselors (adult teachers with years of classroom experience) and one junior counselor (talented high school and college students) skilled in areas like coding, art, language arts & sports. We will also welcome special guests (experts in the fields of arts and sciences) to keep our campers excited about coming back each day. We limit the size of each camp group, so the counselor/camper ratio will always be 1 to 4 or less.

Kids in 3rd to 6th grade, who can:
  • Read simple labels and directions
  • Turn their computer on and connect via Zoom
  • Get and pour water unsupervised
  • Clean dishes and other art/science equipment
  • Mix pre-measured ingredients together
  • Use writing and art materials (paint, clay, glue)
  • Work cooperatively on a 3rd-6th grade level