Gay Hennessy, Director

Gay, a California native, is the owner of Teachers On Reserve, LLC and served as Director of Substitute Services for the original corporation. She is an experienced educator with an administrative background in private and public school education.

Diane Ventura, Coordinator

Diane has worked as an arts-in-education specialist for several school districts upstate New York and Mount Saint Mary’s College in California. She has worked for Teachers On Reserve since 2002.

Skye McKenzie, Recruitment Manager

Skye uses his background as a teaching artist to bring a unique perspective to our Recruiting Department. He has worked to improve and update the hiring process for countless TOR teachers since 2005.

Ketryn Porter, Dispatch Manager

Ketryn started with TOR as one of our Substitute Teachers in 2009, quickly becoming one of our most requested subs. She began dispatching part-time and in 2012 was promoted to Dispatch Manager.

Andrea Ikenberry, Bookkeeping Coordinator

Andrea has been with Teachers On Reserve since 1997, starting as a part-time dispatcher. Her excellent accounting skills soon earned her the position of TOR’s Bookkeeping Coordinator.

Blair Dawson, Dispatch Supervisor & Recruiting Associate

Blair began with Teachers On Reserve in 2011 as a dispatcher and, thanks to her attention to detail, she became Dispatch Supervisor in 2013. She became a Recruiting Associate in 2014, specializing in the onboarding of new teachers.