Worried your child is falling behind?

Get learning back on track with a Teachers On Reserve Learning Pod.


TOR has been providing teachers to California’s private and charter schools and their parents since 1987. Our decades of experience make us creative and resourceful enough to make every teaching day count. This fall, our large pool of experienced educators stand ready to help you and your child(ren) form a truly effective learning group.

Our teachers are not simply tutors, they are experienced classroom teachers who can follow, administer and create lesson plans when necessary. Additionally, they understand the social component of teaching. TOR Teachers will work with, supplement, and enhance the online work your school provides.

Whether your child needs an in-person or online teacher – 5 days a week, every other day or 4 hours at a time – we can help.

If you can afford a teacher to work one-on-one with your child, that’s great!

If not, another option is to form a Learning Pod. A Learning Pod is a group (2-10) of students (usually friends or acquaintances) from the same grade level, using the same curriculum and learning together with an in-person or online teacher. The parents of the Learning Pod each contribute a certain amount per child to pay for TOR’s services. When meeting in person, our teacher and your students gather at a Learning Pod member’s home each day for instruction. The pod can rotate houses or stay at a single site (recommended for continuity).

Q: Why should I trust Teachers On Reserve?

A: Because schools throughout California have been relying on us to save the day for the last 33 years. Teachers On Reserve…
  • Invented the private California teacher pool
  • Has the largest pool of subs in California
  • Has filled 1,000,000+ teaching assignments since 1987
  • Hires thoroughly vetted teacher EMPLOYEES – we don’t misclassify them as “independent contractors” (illegal in CA)

When engaging TOR teachers, you can rest assured that they have been:
  • Interviewed thoughtfully
  • Vetted thoroughly
  • Trained in TOR Policies
    • COVID-19 Prevention
    • Sexual harassment prevention
  • Live scanned (fingerprinted) by the CA Department of Justice AND the FBI

We’ll consult with you on which approach will suit you best.

It’s all about choice…
Choose your format:
  • Online instruction
  • In-person, in-home instruction

Choose your structure:
  • One-on-one
  • Your Learning Pod
    • Just your kids
    • A small group of students with like-minded parents

Choose the hours:
  • Part time – supplemental to your school’s distance learning
  • Full-time – implementing a full curriculum provided by you and/or your school

You simply pay a weekly fee by credit card and we take care of the rest. TOR pays for all the other expenses associated with an employee such as workers’ comp, liability & unemployment insurances and benefits, including CA mandated sick leave. The cost varies – depending on the hours you choose, the grade level and your location (if in-person).

If you would like TOR’s help finding a Learning Pod teacher, please fill out our no obligation registration form. Once we receive your registration, we will contact you to discuss your options including the cost, next steps and timeline.

If you have any questions about TOR or Learning Pods, please REGISTER HERE or call Diane Ventura at 800-457-1899 ext. 6.

We’ll help find the right solution for you.