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School Registration Form

To register your school please fill out the no-cost, no-obligation form below.

School Information
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Principal/Head of School:
Primary Phone:  (123-456-7890)  ext. 
Secondary Phone:  (123-456-7890)  ext. 
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Contact Person:
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Credit Verification
To complete the registration process, Teachers On Reserve, LLC must verify an acceptable credit history. Please provide us with the name of a vendor/creditor that extends credit to you. We will call the vendor/creditor to verify a satisfactory credit history.

Teachers On Reserve, LLC Release for School Credit Verification

Vendor/Creditor Name:
Vendor/Creditor Contact Person:
Contact Personís Title:
Vendor/Creditor Address:

City, State, Zip:    
Contact Personís Phone:  (123-456-7890)  ext. 
Contact Personís Fax:  (123-456-7890)

Authorization to Release Credit Information to Teachers On Reserve, LLC
The undersigned person/school hereby authorizes above Vendor to release necessary information about the school named below to Teachers On Reserve, LLC in connection with providing credit references.
Authorized By:
Name of School:
Date:   (mm/dd/yyyy)